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06/07/2017 Show Notes (Dues, Dues, Dues)

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Host and Guest Introductions

Masonic News for Week of Tomorrow’s Release


  • The Knights of Saint Andrews of the Fort Worth Scottish Rite Valley have new members! On Wednesday night, five true Masons because five good knights when they had the Order of the Thistle conferred upon them. Congrats!

  • Texas Chapter #362 & Texas Council #321 had their officer elections on Tuesday night! Congrats to our officers-elect! List is as follows:

    • Texas Chapter #362, Royal Arch Masons

      • High Priest - Robert Trevathan

      • Excellent King - James Jones

      • Excellent Scribe - Bruce Hammond, PHP

      • Treasurer - V∴E∴ Steve Wolfe, PGHP

      • Secretary - Neal Addy, PHP

      • Captain of the Host - S. Kenneth Griffin, PHP

      • Principal Sojourner - Henry Hash, PHP

      • Royal Arch Captain - David Kisselburg, PHP

      • Master of the Third Veil - William Nash

      • Master of the Second Veil - Gabriel Jagush

      • Master of the First Veil - Robert Cooke

      • Guard - Philip Valdez

    • Texas Council #321, Royal & Select Masters

      • Thrice Illustrious Master - Robert Trevathan

      • Right Illustrious Deputy Master - James Jones

      • Illustrious Principal Conductor of the Work - Bruce Hammond, PTIM

      • Treasurer - V∴I∴ Steve Wolfe, PGM

      • Recorder - Neal Addy, PTIM

      • Chaplain - Henry Hash, PTIM

      • Captain of the Guard - S. Kenneth Griffin, PTIM

      • Conductor of the Council - David Kisselburg, PTIM

      • Steward - Gabriel Jagush

      • Sentinel - Philip Valdez


  • Haltom City / Riverside Lodge #1331 had a really eventful stated meeting! They had a scholarship presentation night with over 70 Masons, Eastern Star Sisters, and welcome vistors present. 18 visitors from Fort Worth Lodge and Crowley Lodge were also present, with Crowley Lodge successfully taking the travelling gavel!


  • (No news this week.)


  • COLUMBUS, Ohio - the Northland Masonic Temple has once again been the target of vandalism. Last week, they got hit by bright blue spray-paint graffiti on the back of their lodge and on their front sign. They took a couple of days, cleaned everything up, and began to resume life as normal. It wasn’t long before the sign was vandalized again. Fortunately, the vandal was witnessed in action, and arrested by police after they managed to stop his vehicle later on. It is believed that the same vandal is behind both incidents. Best of luck, brothers. Maybe it’s time to invest in cameras and a dog!

  • PORTAGE, Wisconsin - Fort Winnebago Lodge #33 had to call in a tow truck from Blystone’s Towing in order to move their safe! Apparently it was quite the amusing sight. The brothers from Fort Winnebago Lodge are moving down the block to a new temple and had to get some help with the 1-ton safe. Can’t say we blame them! Best of luck with the rest of the move, brothers.


  • Oslo, Norway - My apologies in advance, as I’m going off of Google Translate due to neither speaking Dansk nor Norshk. a 67-year-old man is being charged with attempted extortion. The victims? One of the lodges that meet in the Freemason’s Hall at 23 Blegdamsvej in Copenhagen, Denmark. He had filmed their some of their degrees and/or meetings and attemptted to extort them to the tune of 33 million Danish kroener, which is about 5 million USD. My understanding is that this occurred in the Danish Freemason’s Hall over the period of January 2016 to November 2016, and while I’m not a 100% clear on the translation, it seems that he may have tried this in April 2017 with a Norwegian lodge, or he may have made the threats of extortion from Norway to Denmark at that time, I’m not sure. It’s not clear as to whether or not the man was a member of the fraternity, but fortunately it sounds like the charges are for attempted extortion, not successful extortion. The perpetrator has now been extradited to Denmark after being held in Norway following his arrest in Oslo. Best of luck to our Dansk brothers in having a little justice laid down.


  • I ride motorcycles, can I join the widow’s sons? Not in Texas, not since 2007.

  • Advice for those with a really long commute to their lodge?

  • Other than the Bible, what’s the most important book to your Masonic experience?

Episode Content

Rhit’s Notes

  • Arguments:

  • This isn’t fair to guys on fixed incomes.

  • Old guys who can’t afford it will leave.

  • Young guys who can’t afford it won’t join.

  • It’s morally wrong to charge more than the lodge needs in order to run a net zero?

  • It’s not fair to hold country lodges to the same standards as city lodges?

  • Some guys are too proud to ask for help.

  • The minimum dues set by Grand Lodge are perfectly fine.

  • Grand Lodge has millions in Charity Funds.

  • Solutions:

  • Endowments return 5% on a good year. It’s time to look at other investment ideas.

  • Hold fundraisers for your lodge, not just for charity.

  • Remit dues or freeze rates for retirees.

  • Present the proposal for a dues increase in a palatable manner.

Gabe’s throwaway notes:

Events for Week of Tomorrow’s Release


  • June 9th & 10th - Texas AMD Day is in Waco this weekend! If you’re a member of an AMD council here in Texas, please come by. TAMDA will be accepting on-site registration for $20. The group photo will be taken at 8:45 AM on Saturday, for which tuxedos are preffered. They’ll be conferring ten degrees, including the Masonic Order of the Bath after the AMD Council is closed. M∴ W∴ Grand Master Jerry Nelson Kirby will be the keynote speaker. Sounds like a great time!

North Texas & Tarrant County

  • June 9th - Arlington Lodge #438 is presenting the Golden Trowel Award to Past Master Bruce Dalton on Friday! A light dinner will be held at 6:30 PM with the trowel ceremony to follow. Arlington Lodge is located at 1415 West Abram Street in Arlington, Texas. You may RSVP to daltonfamily@sbcglobal.net or 817-223-1471.

  • June 11th - the funeral services for Brother Steve Shipe, Past Master of Arlington #438, will be held on Sunday, June 11th at the Moore Funeral Home, which is located at 1219 North Davis Road in Arlington. Please arrive at 12:30, and remember to bring your apron and wear a dark suit.

  • June 16th - Arlington Lodge #438 is having a fish fry for family night! Dinner is at 7 PM.

  • June 17th - on Saturday the 17th, the El Texa Chapter of The Grotto is having their Information Event and Dinner. Drinks are at 6:30 PM and dinner is at 7 PM. The location will be the Elks Lodge of 3233 White Settlement Road in Fort Worth. Please RSVP by June 10th and contact Prophet Buford Young at 817-709-6637.

  • June 23rd - Bolivar Masonic Lodge is hosting their third annual clay shoot! Registration is at 8 am, start is at 9 am, the location is Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds at 7282 North Farm Road 51 in Decatur, TX. The event will be organized into four-person teams at $100 per person. Lunch is provided. Trophy belt buckles will be awarded to the highest overall team score and the highest overall individual score. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will receive trophies. Station sponsorship fees at $150 per station. Ear and eye pro are required and you must bring your own ammo. Please send your registration to Bolivar Masonic Lodge before May 23rd.

  • _June 23rd - the brothers of New Day Lodge #655 are holding their "REAL FATHERS, REAL MEN, SOUL FOOD EXPERIENCE" fundraiser event! They will be providing chef-made, tasty meals, to-go. Each meal is packaged in a re-heatable container for ease of preperation and serving. If you are located in the DFW area, they will deliver the menu items to your door at a date and time of your choosing. The event is happening all weekend of June 23rd, so they will be taking orders until 8 PM on the 24th and delivering until 5 PM on the 25th. They are offering babyback ribs, barbecue chicken wings, meat combos, taters, beans, cole slaw, sauce from scratch, and banana pudding. They have individual plates and family meals that feed up to six. They are taking preorders NOW, so please reach out to them at http://www.newdaylodgepha655.org/ and put in an order! The brothers from New Day encourage you to join in on the "REAL FATHERS, REAL MEN, SOUL FOOD EXPERIENCE" and warn you "SLEEP LATE, LOSE WEIGHT." _

  • June 26th - River Oaks lodge is having their installation! Brother Sam Levisee is being installed at the age of one hundred years old. Most Worshipful Grand Master Jerry Kirby will be presiding over the installation and the Tarrant County Commandery Standard Guuard will be presenting the American and Texan flags. The meal will be at 6 PM and the installation will begin at 7 PM. Fort Worth Lodge’s very own Senior Warden, soon to be Worshipful Master, Greg Wright, will be smoking the barbecue. Please join us in welcoming our favorite centenarian, Brother Sam, to the Oriental Chair!

Temple - 1100 Henderson Street in Fort Worth

  • June 19th - Texas Chapter #362 will be conferring the Royal Arch Mason degree on three worthy Most Excellent Masters. If you are a Royal Arch Mason, please come and join us! It will be great. One of my favorite degrees.

  • June 24th - Fort Worth Lodge #148 will be hosting its installation! If you are a friend or family memember of a Fort Worth Lodge member, and are interested in attending, please talk to us.

  • June 27th - Texas Chapter & Council will be having an open installation of officers! We will be kicking off at 6:30 PM in the Red Room on the 3rd floor of the temple. I will be installed as the [OFFICER TITLE HERE] of Texas Chapter and the [OFFICER TITLE HERE] of Council.

  • As always, Fort Worth #148 meets on the Second Monday of each month, starting dinner at 6PM for a 7PM stated meeting at 1100 Henderson Street, Fort Worth, Texas

Closing Thoughts on Episode Content

  • Max 2 min/person, except guests.


A high quality lodge must be paid for, therefore dues need to commensurate with this.
— Lodge Epicurian (Pioneer European Concept lodge of Australia)
The First Pillar of Lodge Epicurian

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  • http://www.fortworth148.org/

  • @fortworthlodge148 on Facebook

  • info148@fortworth148.org

  • If you live in the 64th district of the Grand Lodge of Texas and want to promote an event, please reach out to them at 64th.org - SIX FOUR TEE AITCH DOT ORG