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A Millennial in the Quarries, Yelling into the Void

Fraternal Spotlight - Corey Harris

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Host and Guest Introductions

Remember to rattle off your Blue Lodge titles, y’all.

  • Rhit

  • Grant

  • Gabe

    • "and we have a special guest today…​"

  • Corey

Masonic News for Week of Tomorrow’s Release

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Listener/Discussion Questions

  • What non-principal, non-progressive line, officer role do you want to see take a bigger stage in your lodges?

Episode Content

  • Special Guest: Corey Harris

General Questions

These can be either "Craft" or "Life in General," if seperate answers, ask the interviewee for both.

  • Who has been the most important or influential person to you?

    • Can you tell us about them?

    • How did they influence you?

  • What has been your happiest moment?

  • What has been your saddest moment?

  • What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned?

  • What are you proudest of?

  • How would you like to be remembered?

  • Where did you grow up?

General Craft Questions

These are more specifically-oriented towards the Masonic experience of the interviewee.

  • Which Mason, living or dead, would you like to sit down and talk with for an hour?

  • How would you describe yourself?

  • Did you have any (maybe even many!) Masonic relatives?

    • Did you have any favorites?


  • How does it feel to be a brand-new Worshipful Master?

    • You’re Arlington’s youngest worshipful Master in the history of the lodge. How does that feel?

    • What’s your list of top three, top five things to get done this year?

    • Are there any ongoing or in-progress projects that you’ll be continuing as worshipful master?

Looking Back

  • What’s the funniest thing that you’ve seen in Lodge?

  • If you forgot all of your Masonic experiences except one, what would that one be?

  • Is there something that you wish you’d done differently on your journey so far?

  • What’s something that you’d say to your past self right after your EA degree?

  • Is there a time when you thought about leaving the Craft, or that Masonry was just kind of difficult to enjoy?

Looking Forwards

  • What’s on the horizon for you and your Masonic career?

    • Beyond the horizon?

  • What are your hopes for what the future holds for the newest generation of Masons?

  • Disregarding hopes, what are predictions (optimistic/pessimistic) for 5, 10, 20 years from now?

  • What’s something you want to say to your great-great-grandson after his EA degree?

Regular Vocations

  • Can you tell us a little about what you do for a living?

  • How well does that "play" with Masonic time commitments?

  • Have you had any cool run-ins with Brothers via work?

  • What lessons has Masonry provided you that have been helpful to your work experience?

That Whole "Religion" Thin

  • As a Mason, you definitely believe in some form of higher power, but can you tell us a little bit more specifically about your spiritual and/or religious beliefs?


  • Can you tell us about your involvement in Scottish Rite?

    • In that vein, can you tell us about your experience with the knights of Saint Andrew?

    • KoSA is a often cited as a great leadership experience. What lessons for KoSA are you applying, or have applied, to your Blue Lodge leadership strategies?

Events for Week of Tomorrow’s Release

  • To be recorded!

  • As always, Fort Worth #148 meets on the Second Monday of each month, starting dinner at 6PM for a 7PM stated meeting at 1100 Henderson Street, Fort Worth, Texas

Closing Thoughts on Episode Content

  • Max 2 min/person, except guests.

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  • info148@fortworth148.org

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