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A Millennial in the Quarries, Yelling into the Void

Jewel P Lightfoot Lodge (Special Guest: David Bindle)

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Host and Guest Introductions

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  • Gabe

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  • David

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Listener/Discussion Questions

  • Is being a great leader and running a great lodge the same thing?

Episode Content

Special Guest: David Bindle

  • Tell us about yourself in a nutshell!

  • Who has been the biggest influence for you in Masonry?

  • What problems do you see with Masonry?

    • What’s the biggest problem out of the ones you’ve listed?

      • What is JPL doing to fight this?

      • What should other lodges do to solve this?

  • What is JPL’s lodge culture like?

    • What kind of brother would feel really at home there?

  • What does JPL excell at as a lodge?

    • What do you feel JPL needs to work on?

  • How does it feel now to be free as the Junior Past Master?

  • What was the project you were proudest of during your year as Worshipful Master?

    • What was something you wish had worked out better?

  • What’s an ongoing, multi-year project y’all have got going?

  • What’s the newest project that you like, or something you want to see get targeted?

  • How do you develop talent in others or help them to grow to the next level?

  • What’s your strategy for good financial health as a lodge?

  • Let’s say things are going badly for a lodge. Low membership, running ragged financially, all that jazz. What should they do? Redesign, merge, etc?

  • How compatible is Masonry in general with modern culture?

    • How compatible is Masonry (as practiced in JPL & other TO lodges) with modern culture?

  • Where do you see Masonry in 25 years?

  • Where do you see JPL in 25 years?

  • How long does it take brothers to go from initiation to proficient Master Masons in JPL?

  • How do you determine proficiency?

  • How do you encourage regular attendance at stated meetings and degrees?

  • How big should a lodge be?

  • Exactly how strictly should we be guarding the west gate?

  • What charity efforts is JPL involved in?

  • Can you tell us about your festive boards and/or table lodges?

    • What’s the key to a big event like that?

  • What big educational pushes have y’all been working on?

    • Should lodges have education at every stated meeting, or try to make stateds shorter by having seperate nights for education?

    • Assuming the Bible is the first thing on the list, what else should be on every brand new master mason’s reading list?

  • What do you look for in officers?

    • What’s your take on the progressive line?

  • What’s the dress code for JPL if we want to visit?

    • Should more lodges adopt dress codes?

    • What about dress codes at more lax levels than suit and tie (example, encouraging business casual, but discouraging BOTH underdressing and overdressing)

  • Do y’all use music during degrees?

  • Do y’all use a chamber of reflection?

    • What’s in it?

  • What’s your best memory in the Craft?

    • What’s your funniest memory in the Craft?

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