Cryptic Council Prayers

This is just a quick reference, and not my original work.


May the Supreme Grand Master graciously preside over all our councils, and direct, approve, and bless all our labors on Earth, and may our professions as Masons be the rule of our conduct as men. May our secret retreat ever be the resort of the just and merciful, the seat of the moral virtues, and the home of the select. AMEN.


Companions, being about to quit this sacred retreat, to mingle again with the world, let us not forget, amid the cares and vicissitudes of active life, the bright example of sincere friendship so beautifully illustrated in the lives of the founders of this degree. Let us take the lesson home with us, and may it strengthen the bonds of fraternal love between us, unite our hearts to duty, and our desires to wisdom. Let us exercise charity, cherish hope, and walk in faith, and may that moral principle which is the mystic cement of our fellowship remain with and bless us. AMEN.

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