Being Quoted in “A Light in the Darkness”

One of the coolest moments in my Masonic career so far. A mysterious package arrived for me, but at the Fort Worth Temple, where I (almost) never receive mail. In it, I found a book titled Loge Liberté chérie: A Light in the Darkness. Alexander P. Herbert, a brother from Ohio, wrote a book aboutContinue reading “Being Quoted in “A Light in the Darkness””

A Pentecost Blessing

Originally posted to the Texas Freemasons Facebook group on May 31, 2020. Happy Pentecost, brethren. Today, in the Western Christian Church, it is Pentecost – the great feast commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit onto the disciples of Christ after the Ascension. While it is a Christian holiday, I think that all brethren, regardlessContinue reading “A Pentecost Blessing”

The Legalities of Masonic Learning

This was a Junior Warden’s Law Talk for the November 2019 stated meeting of Fort Worth Lodge № 148, AF&AM. There are many laws that the Grand Lodge has laid down about teaching & and learning. These laws establish a set of rules that we have to follow to stay out of trouble. Article 127Continue reading “The Legalities of Masonic Learning”

Who Says You Can’t Afford a Beautiful Lodge?

Here’s a great article I found about building a beautiful budget-minded church. Fr. Dwight Longenecker is the parish priest of Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church in Greenville, SC. They had to build their building on a fairly limited budget (for a church), and still did a really great job. If you want toContinue reading “Who Says You Can’t Afford a Beautiful Lodge?”

Giving Thanks for Pilate’s Accusation

This was an educational talk for the October 2019 stated meeting of Worth Commandery № 19, KT. Giving Thanks for Pilate’s Accusation: A Perspective from the Maltese Priory Context According to the Gospels, when Pontius Pilate sentenced Jesus of Nazareth to execution by crucifixion, he ordered that a sign be placed over Jesus’ head whileContinue reading “Giving Thanks for Pilate’s Accusation”

The How & What of Petitioning

This was an educational talk on Grand Lodge law for the September 2019 stated meeting of Fort Worth Lodge № 148. This month’s Grand Lodge Law presentation is focused less on interpretation, and more on the summary & explaination of seventeen laws that affect petitions, petitioners, and petitioning. There is some overlap with jurisdictional law,Continue reading “The How & What of Petitioning”

Cryptic Council Prayers

This is just a quick reference, and not my original work. Opening May the Supreme Grand Master graciously preside over all our councils, and direct, approve, and bless all our labors on Earth, and may our professions as Masons be the rule of our conduct as men. May our secret retreat ever be the resortContinue reading “Cryptic Council Prayers”

The Texan Chamber of Reflection

This was an educational talk on Grand Lodge law for the July 2019 stated meeting of Fort Worth Lodge № 148. Context Let’s say your lodge wants to use a continental-style “Chamber of Reflection.” Let’s also say that one of your officers decided to post about this in an open online forum. This is theContinue reading “The Texan Chamber of Reflection”