Daily Tarot Spread (October 10)

Disclaimer: I don’t believe in fortune telling, but I do believe that the Tarot is useful in the sense that the images and ideas it presents can trigger subconscious thoughts, or help us identify emotions and goals that we weren’t previously clear on. As of late, I’ve been doing (almost) daily Tarot single-card draws inContinue reading “Daily Tarot Spread (October 10)”

Preserving the Word

The Legend of the Cryptic Degree Presented by Companion Gabriel Jagush at a stated assembly of Texas Council #321, Royal & Select Masters, on October 2, A∴ Dep∴ 3018. The Common Work The American Royal Master and Select Master degrees of the Cryptic Council originally have their origins as offshoots of Ecossais degrees from theContinue reading “Preserving the Word”

(Not Mine) The Kirby Bible Lecture

This Bible Lecture was written by R∴W∴ Jerry Nelson Kirby, Past Grand Master of Masons in Texas, for the purpose of delivering to candidates after their Master Mason degree. My brother, there comes a time in the life of every man, when it seems that no friend can be depended upon, and he is leftContinue reading “(Not Mine) The Kirby Bible Lecture”

Assuming the Role of Leadership

Pray for me, y’all. It was my profound honor to be installed as the Most Excellent High Priest in my Royal Arch Chapter, and the Thrice Illustrious Master in my Cryptic Council. For those not familiar with these terms, the Royal Arch Chapter and Cryptic Council are two separate bodies you can join within MasonryContinue reading “Assuming the Role of Leadership”

Hail, Companion Knights!

Hail Companion Knights – it’s been a while. No huge updates on my part, other than the fact that today, I was initiated into the York Rite Sovereign College (Trinity No. 154), or, “dubbed a [Companion] Knight of York.” The ritual was pretty cool, although I wish that some of the audience/officers took it moreContinue reading “Hail, Companion Knights!”