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  1. Royal & Select Master Degrees

    Wow, what a wild ride. I had been given some "hints" regarding the Council degrees, but I still wasn’t prepared. The Royal Master degree in particular was very beautiful! The solemnity of the soliloquiy gave me shivers. There’s a lot that I would like to discuss,…

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  2. Instruction Certification & Royal Arch Degree

    Well, it seems that I finally went and got myself official. As of Saturday (the 25th), I am officially certified by the Grand Lodge of Texas to teach the memory work for degree proficiencies, and the opening of all four lodges (the fourth being the Lodge of Sorrows). Initially, I…

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  3. Advanced to the Mark Master Degree!

    Today I was advanced to the degree of Mark Master Mason! I was one of three candidates. It was a fun and interesting experience. The degree team did a great job despite having a bunch of peoople missing - those filling in did very admirably. There was joviality (something very…

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